Inspei j.d.o.o is authorised representative and distributor of italian pump manufacturer EUROPUMP-Italy Products UNP/LPG dispensers (PED/ATEX/MID) UNP/LPG skid stations; PED/ATEX pumps + EM pumping units



Next-plastics is a company from bratislava, Slovakia, specialised in designing, constructing and developing polimer solutions for industrial applications. Products: PE UNP PN40 DN25 pipes and fittings for auto gas installations.

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KPS Petrol Pipe System

INSPEI j.d.o.o. is authorised distributor for KPS Petrol Pipe System, plastic petrol piping system from swedish manufacturer KPS. All our installers are licensed and skilled. The conductive properties of KPS pipes provide unrivaled electrostatical safety. This is the most advanced and installer friendly double-wall piping system available for use on filling stations. The product range covers all piping needs that may arise on a filling station: Remote fill, pressure and suction, ventilation, vapor recovery or conduits. With zero permeation of hydrocarbons KPS piping keep fuel where it is supposed to be. (Ex agencija, ZIK, FSB, RNG…)

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ETK, Czech Republik

Inspei j.d.o.o is authorised representative and distributor of ETK. The company ETK is manufacturer of technological solution for reconstruction of single wall storage tanks into double wall tanks with special lining method, in compliance with norms EN 13 160, ČSN EN 75 3415, ČSN EN 65 0201, ČSN EN 65 0202. Special lining can be applied in reconstruction of storage tanks for petrol, diesel, heating oil, chemicals...

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INSPEI j.d.o.o. installs product from FIBRELITE, manufacturer of highly engineered GRP composite manhole covers. Fibrelite GRP covers are durable, strong, fully conductive, with ergonomically designed lifting handle, corrosion and heat resistant, with anti-slip properties. Download brochure- FIBRELITE - composite trench covers EMEA

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INSPEI j.d.o.o. is authorised representative and distributor of TRAVAINI – pompetravaini s.p.a., Italy , Castano Primo 20022, italian pump manufacturer. Proizvodni program: Vakuum pumpe i kompresori (TRH, TRS, TRV, TRM, TRVX, TRVK, TRSK, SA) Centrifugalne pumpe (TCH, TCHM, TCT, TCTM, TCA, MCU-CH, TCN, MEC, TDC, TCK, TBH, TBK, TBAK, TMA, TMH) Vakuum sistemi (Hydrosys, Hydropack, Oilsys) – skid jedinice sazatvorenim sistemom cirkulacije voda/ulje Ostale pumpe: zupčaste pumpe, cikloidne pumpe, centrifugalne elektropumpe sa zatvorenim impelerom, rotirajuče lobe pumpe

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INSPEI j.d.o.o. is authorised representative and distributor of american company BRAVO, manufacturer of SingleWall and DoubleWall containment sumps in both steel and fiberglass including, dispenser sumps, tank /turbine sumps, transition sumps and above ground /marina sumps

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ExploZero is the most advanced explosion protecting system for liquid and gaseous mediums. The system combines maximum safety with easy handling. The ExploZero system consists of non flammable synthetic fibers which are drilled into cylindrical brush elements. Besides synthetic fibers, high temperature materials can be used if needed. The single brushes are fixed together into what we call “system packs”. These system packs guarantee rapid filling of large spaces in extremely short amounts of time. The system packs can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. The brush elements are flexible and can fit into every imaginable environment. Individual brushes reliably secure the tightest corners and sensitive fittings.

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SGB leak prevention systems is a byword for quality in monitoring double walled tanks and pipes with a vacuum or a pressure leak detector to realize the highest environmental protection level in accordance to class I of EN 13160. A leak prevention system consists out of a leak detector and a leak indicator and monitors tanks and pipes 100 % safely and continuously for any leak. All SGB‘s leak prevention systems are • in accordance to class I of European standard EN 13160 (which is the highest environmental protection level) • both individually tested as well as tested by the German TÜV.

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